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Building great software doesn't have to be an insurmountable task. It requires a solid idea, a clear vision & the right team to put them together.

That’s where we come in

We Are Bellacrest


We’re a group of software development professionals who have worked together since 1999. We launched our initial web startup during the first internet boom and have been helping new software companies launch ever since.

We can leverage our experience for your company as well.


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Bellacrest has created solutions across a variety of industries. Here is a collection of our recent partnerships and a brief description of the services we’ve provided each.

Our work has included the creation of custom software solutions for Fortune 100 companies, building out 1.0 releases for small startups and helping established companies transition aging product lines to more agile platforms.

Every project has its own unique requirements and we welcome the opportunity to discuss yours.


Marketing Exchange

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Stow & Co

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Susan Curtis Foundation

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FieldView Solutions

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Blueberry Systems

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Touch Commerce

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We have worked on a wide range of projects from web based geographic information systems, to integrating banking system APIs to creating social networking sites from the ground up.

Our software solutions have been created for a variety of industries including green technologies, mortgage banking, human resources, non-profits, finance, social media and advertising. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we look forward to the opportunity to discuss your project.

    • User

    You only have one chance to make a first impression. In a rush to get a product to market the focus on user experience can become an afterthought. A few versions later and your user interface styles, conventions and navigation will begin to diverge and can make things confusing for your customers. Bellacrest has extensive experience designing usability into new products as well as upgrading the user experience of established product suites.

    • Web

    Our wheelhouse, this is where we as a team have focused much of our collective time over the last 15 years. Many of our projects are built on Ruby on Rails, given that is allows us to quickly deliver scalable software as quickly as possible. While Rails is our current favorite, we have expertise in .NET, Java, Perl, Python, and HTML5.

    • Mobile

    This is just plain fun. Have an idea for an mobile or tablet app? We would love to work with you to develop it.

    • Systems

    Not only have we built out APIs and Web Services we have extensive experience in integrating with them. Whether it be Salesforce, Google, DoubleClick, PeopleSoft or some other vendor, we likely have integrated with them at some point on one of our projects.

Our Team

We’re three guys that take developing software seriously and have serious fun doing it. We’ve worked in enormous corporations and scrappy startups, learned a lot from both experiences and now put that knowledge to use for our clients.

Stuart Piltch

VP of Engineering

Stuart is responsible for the architecture, implementation, and deployment of Bellacrest's custom software tools and products. Using Ruby, Objective-C, Java, MySQL, and many proprietary and open source technologies, he and the development teams build the systems that are used by our clients and business partners.

Stuart was CTO of GolfBuzz Inc, developers of innovative publishing tools and technologies dedicated to the golf community. After the acquisition of GolfBuzz, he stayed on as VP of Engineering at Sportgenic, Inc, where he led the development of the AdPortal suite of self-service advertising products. Stuart first worked with Scott and Don at PureCarbon as one of the original architects of the JobPlanet suite of software. Previously, he was the Director of Operations for the New York University Center for Advanced Technology and a Senior Systems Engineer at Apple, Inc.

Stuart holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science from New York University and a Bachelor Degree in Engineering from Cornell University. Stuart lives in Portland, Maine with his wife and two boys.

don mcallister

Director of Design

Don is responsible for the visual design on the Bellacrest team. He provides design support to our clients ranging from something as simple as a consultation on an existing site to a full logo and branding design.

Don most recently served as the Director of Interactive Design at Sportgenic, Inc. where he was responsible for the branding and UI of Sportgenic's AdPortal software. Prior to that, Don helped found the startups GolfBuzz and PureCarbon. He has designed websites since the mid-90's for such Fortune 500 companies as Apple, The Home Depot, Bank of America, AT&T and CNN.

Don received his BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Georgia and currently lives in a midcentury-modern split level near Atlanta with his wife and their two hounds.

Alex Pecqueur

Director of Software Development

Alex is responsible for the implementation, testing and support of Bellacrest's custom software applications. He specializes in development of responsive, interactive web applications using cutting-edge tools and technologies.

Alex has 15+ years of professional experience in all stages of Web and software development, from concept and development through quality assurance and tuning. He has a proven background in both small and large-scale application implementations using Ruby, Java, Javascript and many proprietary and open source technologies.

Alex received a BA in MIS from the University of Georgia and lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife.


We’re always looking for a fresh challenge or a new contact in the industry. Drop us a line at and we’ll get back to you shortly.